The Piccola Orchestra La Viola has been for over a year committed to the adoption of the school children of Tanzania in collaboration with the Association Changamano from Latina. The extraordinary event is that each component of the orchestra adopts a child for the entire period of the primary schools and with the ultimate goal to visit adopted children with a trip to their land holding of concerts in the villages where the Association works.

Each year, Preta onlus from Alvito, Changamano ONLUS from Latina and La Scatola del Vento from Coreno Ausonio, associations within which works the orchestra “Piccola Orchestra La Viola“, organize events in various Municipalities where cultural sensitivity for the help to others has a large response. The idea had, in collaboration with Luciano Duro (expert and organizer of various “Liri Blues - Jazz - Folk”, etc..) to choose Isola Liri to make this event is due to the particular predisposition of this “City of Music“ to be a promoter of further social and cultural renaissance.

The Church of San Lorenzo. It is located in the center of Isola Liri next to the famous waterfalls. The churchyard, during the summer, is the scene of various events including “Suoni dal Mondo” (Sounds of the World).

Here are some pictures:

Our display and information point

Our display and information point and the piper of "Piccola Orchestra La Viola"

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