Children from nursery school in Nyamuswa
run by volunteers from the Zinduka association, 2001

Project Nr 2
Study Grant

LOCATION  –  Tanzania: Bunda (Mara) and Tunduru (Ruvuma)

ORGANISATION RESPONSIBLE  –  Zinduka (Association working in the Bunda area) and A.NA.NA (association working in the Tunduru area)

OBJECTIVE  –  study grant for little boys and girls to enable them to receive primary education

COST  –  350.00 euros per child

What can YOU do:

with 50.00 euros you can pay for a year ´s teaching for a little boy or girl

with 350.00 euros you can meet the full cost of a child´s primary education


The study grant (also known as “long distance maintainance”, “scholarship”, “child sponsorship&rdquo) is a “special bond” between a person in Italy and a little boy or girl in Tanzania, a country in the Southern hemisphere (the so-called “Third World”): this is an opportunity not only to improve their life in the long run, but also the lives of their family and community as a whole. Through the study grant, the person in Italian can witness, almost at first hand, how someone else´s life can be improved by their donation.


Criteria for Chosing the Recipients

We carefully look at each family's social-economic state when deciding which one should receive the study grant. We consider everyone, all the families in the community as well as all the teachers in the future school. In old traditions, older parents would allow one of their teenage daughters to become pregnant with any man. The aim of this was to ensure that in the future the parents would have someone to look after them when they reached old age. The boy or girl would be born and would automatically become the property of their grandparents. They would be forbidden from attending school, and would have the sole purpose of helping their grandparents as they get older. Obviously this tradition has been adapted over time to fit in with modern customs and now there are many young girls falling pregnant from men, who are interested in neither the girl nor the child. These children often become “street children”. Now, together with other associations, we have decided to help these children.

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Duration of the study grant

The study grant is designed to guarentee the completion of the full 7 years at primary school, with the payment of 50 euros per year necessary to cover the cost of teaching. There is no written formal “contract” binding you to the payments, and as such they can be stopped at any time. That said, to prevent a child being taken out of school with no possibility of returning, we ask that the donors, who must stop the support, to inform us and return to us the child's personal pack during the summer period, so that we might be able to find another person to take over. Obviously it is equally possible to pay the full amount for all seven years!

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Materials for the Donor

  • a pack containing:
    • a photograph and the personal details of the child
    • general information about the area
    • general information about Tanzania
  • general information about the non-profit organization (ONLUS) “Changamano”
  • an annual report of the local director who deals with our achievements throughout the year and with the use of the collected funds
  • drawings or letters from the child (depending on the level of schooling)
  • a new photograph of the child every 3 years

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Contact between the donors and the child

The donor can write to the child, preferibly short and simple messages, accompanied by photos or postcards that the children and their families adore and like to show to their friends. In order not to create a sense of inequality, it isn't possible to send gifts.
It is possible, for those that wish to, to meet the child. If you would like some help in the organisation of your trip, contact the organisation at least two months in advance.

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How the grant money will be used.

The grant money covers the child´s school fees, according to the following table:

Q.ty Description euros
2 uniform 16,67
2 pairs of shoes 11,10
2 pairs of socks 1,12
10 notebooks 1,12
1 Folder ( cloth or plastic ) 1,12
1 maths book 1,12
1 reading book 1,12
1 contribution to the school 12,75

If you would like to donate a study grant to a child or if you simply want to find out more, you can write to us at or call us .

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How to contribute

If you would like to make a donation, you can use the giro account number 39280409 in the name of Changamano Onlus.

Full account details for any transfers you wish to make are:

International Bank Account Details (IBAN)
  National Bank Account Details (BBAN)
Country Check
IT 29
CIN ABI CAB Account Number
J 07601 14700 000039280409

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