Project Nr 3

Cultural Exchanges Between Schools or Classes

Nyamuswa Latina

LOCATION  –  Tanzania: Bunda (Mara) and Tunduru (Ruvuma)

ORGANISATION RESPONSIBLE  –  Zinduka (the association working in the Bunda area) and A.NA.NA (the association working in the Tunduru area)

OBJECTIVE  –  adoption of a school or class

COST  –  variable

What can YOU do:

you can donate individually

10 euros in order to provide a class with the necessary writing equipment for one academic year

1 euro which will contribute to the purchase of a Reading or Maths book

60 euros in order to provide a class with the necessary notebooks for one academic year

alternatively you could join a class or an entire school, in which case, thank you kindly contact us by writing to or call us , to receive the joining pack and to get the chance to meet the students and the teachers who are interested.

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The exchange is a way to get in touch with people whose world is completely different to our own, by taking an active role in the students´ lives you´ll get to know whilst in Tanzania. Get to know each others language, interests, habits, traditions, music, food, hopes and aspirations.

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Participants Taking Part

The people, who will benefit from this are the teachers and the students, whether they are Tanzanian or Italian, who will be enriched both personally and culturally by a deep and profoundly real experience.

In order for students to make the most of the trip, we often suggest that the corresponding classes are about the same age.

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The classes are bound to the exchange, for an essentially undetermined duration of time. The duration of the stay is undetermined, and is only decided upon when when all parties involved meet.
Classes are committed to regularly exchange different kinds of equipment, setting a deadline at the beginning of the experiment, we point out, may take several years, according to the real possibilities of the parties concerned.

Plan for the exchange:

1–      exchange of photos and letters talking about the both classes in the schools – can include drawings

2–      exchange of stories, personal experiences and questions. Both classes take part and tell stories about set characters and topics explanation of what each school is looking for in the exchange music recordings from each school using instruments, song etc drawings on set topics.

3–      Definition of potential needs of the partner school and fund raising

4–      Each class set to music on a cassette, with its instruments (instruments, pens, voice, etc..), the tale of the other class, and vice versa, and sends it to the class that created the story

5–      Production of drawings on a specific topic (peace in the world, for example): the Italian school will draw half of a design which will then be completed by the partner school, and vice versa

Some experiences


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If you would like to know more or join, write to us at or call us

How to contribute

If you would like to make a donation, you can use the giro account number 39280409 in the name of Changamano Onlus.

Full account details for any transfers you wish to make are:

International Bank Account Details (IBAN)
  National Bank Account Details (BBAN)
Country Check
IT 29
CIN ABI CAB Account Number
J 07601 14700 000039280409

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