Our Projects

Structural Projects

  1. Project Nr 1  –  Stationary and Secretarial Point

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The Project to Generate Revenue


  1. Projet Nr 0a  –  Offer a Production Animal…
  2. Project Nr 6  –  Construction of a Small Windmill
    (Currently on hold due to lack of funds)

School Projects

  1. Project Nr 2  –  Study Grant
    (Long distance maintainance/Student scholarship)

  2. Project Nr 3  –  Cultural Exchange

  3. Project Nr 5  –  The Building of a School for the Disabled
    (Currently on hold due to lack of funds)

Schools are an important resource (in some cases the only one) in co-operative education. For this reason, the initiative invites students and teachers to give their opinion on the co-operation's study aid models and of training activities for teachers in schools of all levels.

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Special Projects

Exceptionally, some of our projects lie just outside the statutory purpose, despite always having humanitarian traits.

Special Projects that we have already done

  1. Project Nr 4  –  Operation of Ndezi Hamisi Ndezi suffering from bilateral congenital clubfoot

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How to contribute

If you would like to make a donation, you can use the giro account number 39280409 in the name of Changamano Onlus.

Full account details for any transfers you wish to make are:

International Bank Account Details (IBAN)
  National Bank Account Details (BBAN)
Country Check
IT 29
CIN ABI CAB Account Number
J 07601 14700 000039280409

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